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What should you pay attention to when cleaning cashmere sweaters?

What should you pay attention to when cleaning cashmere sweaters?

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      The cashmere sweater fabric is very delicate and very warm. Generally, the spinning and weaving can cause cashmere sweaters. In autumn and winter, everyone loves to wear a cashmere sweater in the coat. Although it is worn in the coat, it will inevitably become dirty. When washing cashmere sweaters became a big problem, then Xiaobian came to explain how to wash cashmere sweaters, what to pay attention to when washing cashmere sweaters!

How to wash cashmere sweater?

    1. Prepare a basin of water of about 30 degrees into the detergent, stir the water evenly, then put the cashmere sweater into the water, soak the water in the cashmere sweater for about 15 minutes.

    2. the soaked cashmere sweater to pick up and wash, remember not to use the hands to vigorously smash this easy to cause cashmere sweater damage, if the stain is deeper, you can take some detergent to focus on handling!

    3. then float with water, when drying, it is best to wrap the clothes with a bath towel, and then put it into the dehydrator for dehydration, the purpose of this is to not let the sweater deformation!

4. when the cashmere sweater is finally dried, it is best to spread it out to dry, sort out the shape of the cashmere sweater, so that the iron will be burned once in the future!

What should I pay attention to when washing cashmere sweaters?

    1. Just wash the cashmere sweater and remember not to use hanging and drying. This will easily lead to the deformation of the cashmere sweater. It is best to use a hanger to dry when it is flat to near dry!

    2. multi-color cashmere sweaters and different colors of cashmere color are not suitable for washing together, which is easy to cause cashmere sweater dyeing.

    3. In order to ensure the deformation after washing, the cashmere sweater chest length, body length and sleeve length can be measured and recorded for later recovery.

    4. cashmere sweaters are only suitable for dehydration with a dehydrator in special circumstances, under normal circumstances, it is best not to try the dehydrator.

5. if after washing, it is best to use the medium temperature iron hanging method on the cashmere sweater, the iron and cashmere sweater to maintain a distance of 0.5 - 1cm, you can also put a wet towel.

Cashmere sweater special stain washing method:

    1. blood

    Washing method: When the cashmere sweater is accidentally stuck to the blood stain, it can be wiped with paper and then wiped with hydrogen peroxide. Even if the blood stagnates for too long, it can be wiped off.

    2. wine, perfume

    Washing method: In order to prevent the spread of stains, first sprinkle some salt on it, then brush it off with a soft brush, and finally wipe it with a rag with water or lotion or alcohol.

    3. ink

    Washing method: When the cashmere sweater is glued to the ink, it can be lightly wiped with a thin paper, then wipe the paper with vinegar repeatedly, or wipe directly with oxalic acid.

    4. ice cream

    Washing method: Many MMs love to eat ice cream, accidentally stick to the body, then use a small brush to brush off the solidified part first, then use a brush to scrub the light brush (do not re-brush to avoid pilling), and finally Wipe off the detergent with water.

    5. coffee or black tea

    Washing method: use a towel dampened with water and wipe off in time. If there are traces left, you can use a small amount of detergent to help wipe, but remember to wipe the residual detergent with water to avoid damage to cashmere fiber. At that time, it was not possible to wipe it at once. After going home, wipe it with vinegar repeatedly.

    6. animal and vegetable fats

    Use a detergent for neutral detergent or cashmere sweater.

    7. milk, dairy products

    Wipe gently with a cloth dampened with hot water, then wipe the remaining grease with a lotion. If you can't wipe it off, try alcohol. When the dirt is cleaned, it is still necessary to send it to dry cleaning.

    8. moldy, mud

    After drying, use a brush to remove it and use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. Finally, completely remove it with alcohol.

    9.fruit juice

    When it is fresh, wipe it with warm cloth. If it remains stained, wipe it with a lotion.

    10.Hair dye

    It can be removed with a weak base. Wipe with a towel dampened with water and soap. The cold "first liquid" can also be removed. Note that if you use hydrogen peroxide, the hair dye will be more difficult to remove. If it is contaminated with coffee, juice and blood, it should be sent to a special dyeing shop for washing.


    The rust remover sold by the hardware store is also effective for rust removal of cashmere.


    Wipe gently with a thin paper, then rub with a lotion. Because the lipstick will be rubbed more and more, it should be wiped from the outside to the inside.

    13.Signature pen, Parker pen oil

    Different pens have different wiping methods. It can be removed with vegetable oil, glass cleaner or nail polish.