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Clothing e-commerce is the inevitable trend of the development of the garment industry

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      It is understood that in all current e-commerce, clothing e-commerce is a unique show, the growth rate is gratifying, and the upward trend is relatively strong.

      At present, several venture capital funds have been deeply involved, such as “Youngor” and “Reporting Birds” and other well-known domestic clothing companies have been gearing up to raise funds and organize people to prepare for rapid follow-up. The small and medium-sized well-known brands in the small and medium-sized enterprises have made great achievements because of their rapid changes, and the members of the company have become younger and more quickly, and they have made great achievements in catering to the development of e-commerce. For example, “Yongyue Loyer” clothing has already caught up with clothing e-commerce. The shuttle bus has developed rapidly. The entire clothing industry seems to be shaken by e-commerce, entering an unprecedented process of informationization and networking. It is expected that in the next year, the clothing e-commerce field is very likely to make a major breakthrough and enter an explosive period of rapid growth.

      With the deepening, popularization and opening up of the network, with the greatly strengthening of technical means, the growth rate of the clothing e-commerce market is far beyond the imagination of the people. At the same time, through the e-commerce industry, a large number of pioneers spare no effort to cultivate the market. Through the guidance of netizens' consumption thinking and consumption habits, each website vigorously strengthens the user experience, and constantly introduces new products that meet the needs of users, so that the difference between online shopping and on-the-spot shopping It is getting smaller and smaller, and even surpasses it in some respects. Nowadays, the field of clothing e-commerce has entered a rapid growth period, and it has gradually detonated the popularity and become the new favorite of urban white-collar workers.

      Why is clothing e-commerce so hot? What is the reason that the clothing giants have stepped into this field to nurture? What kind of business opportunities are there in the end?

First, the trend of the international trend

Let's look at a set of data.

      According to the "2006 Online Shopping Statistics Survey Results" published by the Korea Statistics Office, iResearch found that the online shopping transaction volume in Korea was US$14.17 billion in 2006, of which the transaction volume of apparel products surpassed that of foods, ranking 2.49 billion. The US dollar increased by 49.8% compared with 2005.

      According to surveys conducted by several institutions in the UK, online shoppers in the UK account for a higher proportion of the population and faster growth than other European countries. As early as 2003, online shopping has reached 10% of total retail sales in the UK. Last year, online shopping grew by 55%. It is estimated that online sales will reach 80 billion pounds in 2009. Huge market capacity.

      According to market forecasting company Forrester Research, due to increased online usage, increased online shopping reliability, preferential policies for consumers, especially more women use the Internet, the online clothing sales volume continues to increase, the US apparel commodity e-commerce this year Maintained continuous growth. It is estimated that the US online sales in 2007 will reach US$22.1 billion, a 21% increase from 2006, and apparel e-commerce ranks first.

      Nowadays, in developed countries in Europe and America, due to the maturity and standardization of the B2C market, most residents have the experience of purchasing clothing through the Internet. According to statistics, clothing e-commerce ranks top5 in the field of e-commerce, and its development momentum is rapid, and it has become a frontier consumption trend. The Chinese market is not inferior to Europe and the United States, but the current development is clearly behind the international market.

      Through comparative analysis of domestic and foreign markets, it can be found that clothing e-commerce can definitely be regarded as a blue ocean in the field of clothing, and the appreciation space is huge. As a traditional clothing enterprise in the deep red sea, it is not surprising to face such a blank market.

Second, the user demand is the baton

      The emergence of some market pioneers has ignited the spark of the e-commerce of clothing, and the trend of the original is quickly burning to the entire industry. The rapid development of e-commerce has made traditional clothing companies feel the direct threat, which has invisibly robbed the mainstream market in the futur

      In particular, branded clothing, I hope to face the urban white-collar workers with spending power, but the white-collar workers are almost all day in the network due to the fast pace of life, and rarely have time to visit traditional stores. Apparel companies have almost lost their core competitiveness in the face of major changes in their work habits and habits. The result of this is to lose the future. In the face of such a situation, the better way for clothing companies is not to evade, but to take a positive attitude to participate in it, it is possible to find out the law and thus regain the existing market share.

      On the other hand, the first mover is not perfect and cannot fully satisfy the user's needs. For example, the quality of clothing in some e-commerce websites has always been criticized by people, and there are some websites that sell too much. For the users, single-brand and single-variety can't meet their one-stop demand for shopping integration. Netizens are increasingly eager for and appealing to brand department stores.

      So what kind of psychological needs do netizens have in the online shopping process? First, the quality of clothing is guaranteed, so that people can buy it with confidence: Second, the variety of varieties, the choice for users to choose the bigger the better, so that users have a sense of accomplishment in the purchase process: Third, do not worry about after-sales, delivery and delivery . These three problems are solved, and the door to e-commerce is opened.

      From the user's point of view, no matter what kind of clothing website, the purpose is to meet the market, to develop in depth around the user's needs, to make products with strong user relevance, it is possible to win the favor of users.

Third, who can win in the era of staking

      Although the prospects of apparel e-commerce are widely optimistic, there is currently no one to be the market leader, and there are many business opportunities in between. Who can win in the era of staking?

      At present, whether it is a first-line brand such as “Youngor” or “Reporting Bird”, or a more powerful second-line brand such as “Yongyue Looker”, the traditional clothing enterprise test water network marketing is not an important reason for the industry to be optimistic. That is to say, any traditional clothing manufacturer has established a huge marketing channel through years of accumulation, and there is inevitably a huge conflict of interest between network marketing and existing channels. This contradiction traditional clothing enterprises cannot be effective in a short time. Solution. If this problem is not solved, network marketing will be difficult to launch on a large scale, which will naturally affect the consumption behavior of netizens.

      Brand clothing enterprises have a misunderstanding. They think that clothing e-commerce is just changing the venue from a store to a network. In fact, this is very inaccurate. A series of problems such as network marketing, brand operation, online promotion, logistics and distribution need to be resolved. Therefore, online marketing is not simply selling clothes online, especially for brands, network branding, brand networking is an inevitable choice.

      In the era of staking, there are people who can get a first-mover advantage, but starting does not mean that the market is completely in the hands. What really wins in the market is nothing more than a comprehensive contest of indicators such as capital and talent.