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Network Marketing Strategy of Textile and Apparel International Brands

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      Today, when the network is developed, for those who admire big names and chase fashion, perhaps they can stay at home, and just click the mouse at home to buy fashionable products.

      People have a clear change in the way of chasing fashion. In addition to the desire for luxury goods, many people who love fashion have begun to find more convenient ways to buy on the Internet. Brand online stores that are gradually emerging in the fashion field are quickly being paid attention to by the global fashion industry. This trend has become more apparent. The prosperity of the brand online store has opened up a new round of wealth dreams for international big names.

Internet marketing becomes a trend

      If the network is a new battleground for international fashion brand competition, one of the main channels for DHC to enter China is online sales. After the online sales of clothing brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli, HugoBoss, Burberry, Alexander Mc Queen and other brands have begun to put more attention on the network and set about to open to customers in Asia, the United States and other regions outside Europe.

      Under the impact of the financial crisis, online sales have become a way for brand operators to increase sales. Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli predicts that 30% of fashion products will be sold online through the next five years.

      However, customers of different ages have great differences in values and consumption habits. Hugo Boss CEO Claus-Dietrich Lahrs said at the conference in Berlin that further understanding of online consumers is a problem that needs to be solved.

      The propaganda of the Internet is unparalleled, and designers can give customers direct access to the work without having to comment through other media's comments. In terms of economic budget, you can also save the next big advertising fee. As a result, advertising revenue for online magazine Zenith Optimedia increased by 9.2% in 2009 when almost all magazine publications experienced a decline in luxury advertising revenue. The greater feature of online shopping lies in the seamless coverage of its terminals. As long as there is the existence of the Internet, consumers can purchase products anywhere, which is unmatched by traditional retail.

      Industry observers believe that the international big-name network plan not only focuses on sales, but also uses the innovative marketing model of the network to occupy a larger market. Some experts pointed out that online store channels as an emerging channel is a trend in the future market development, but companies should establish a target channel strategy that suits them, otherwise it will cause the network to counter the main channel.

New ideas to attract consumers

      In addition to Dolce & Gabbana's online magazine Swide, Burberry's consumer social networking site, brands are still thinking about new ideas to attract consumers.

      Burberry was recognized by analysts for product marketing results because they built a social networking site that would allow those with Burberry clothing to share their wear experience. Chief Creative Officer Christo Fobley said: "Our consumers, whether they are strolling on Pound Street in London, walking on the streets of India, or on the Internet, we have to have a similar shopping experience. We want to make the network more realistic."

      Recently, Alexander Mc Queen has opened its online shopping channel in the UK, and British consumers can purchase their favorite Alexander McQueen clothing online. McQueen's men's and women's ready-to-wear collections and accessories are on the website. Even more cool is the "style" selection mode on the website. You can choose the styles that the stylists match, and then choose each one.

      Rugby Ralph Lauren launched its own virtual fittings staging system in 2009. It can make people change the set of lines in one day. This is a new form of experiment, everyone can freely match the clothing and let them go. This approach allows the brand to be closer to the consumer, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the consumer's ideas. The system is now only available for the RugbyRalphLauren brand, but due to its good results, the company decided to use the system in Lauren by Ralph Lauren and the Ralph Lauren children's wear brand in 2010.

    “Do something meaningful. When women want to shop, they can shop anytime, anywhere, in the way they want, whether at home, in the office, or in the bedroom.” Nata, the founder of online luxury brand Netà Porter Lima Masnay said: "It's very simple. Put the luxury goods on the Internet for them to choose." Although many international brands have chosen to open online, the positioning and expectations of the major brands for the online stores are Not the same. Some brands believe that the online shopping market is basically mature, so they have launched a publicity campaign from the online store online; some brands are very cautious, their online stores are somewhat "quiet" after going online, for them The online store is more like an attempt.